The proven combination of highly qualified scientific and commercially minded experts with decades of experience in chemical process research and development.

Our Mission

Committed to develop economically and environmentally sustainable chemical processes so that our customers can deliver affordable, best-in-class small molecule therapeutics to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the world.

What We Believe In

  • We truly care about delivering the best outcomes for our customers, who all have a dedicated point of contact involved at every step of the process
  • Our in-depth understanding of the challenges of process development from lead optimisation through to product launch and life-cycle management helps you to make informed decisions to achieve all your objectives while minimising risks
  • We guarantee that every project we undertake gets the same level of expert attention and support, no matter its size


CatSci Ltd was formed in December 2010, after the founders saw an opportunity in the market for a unique catalyst screening company. CatSci was consequently spun out of AstraZeneca’s Catalyst Screening Facility, replicating the same high laboratory standards and experimental workflows, and were quickly recognised as experts in the field. Subsequently, it became clear that the market required more, so the offering was enhanced from solely catalytic chemistry to providing comprehensive perfect-for-purpose process research and development services for emerging, mid-sized and large pharma organisations worldwide.

We have gathered extensive knowledge through working on hundreds of reactions and processes addressing drug substance needs of small and large projects for pharmaceutical companies of all sizes. This helps us to refine workflows based on world-leading approaches. Our passion for science and innovative thinking means we will expedite the progress of your drug projects.

Discover our capabilities

The CatSci Team

Using our proven combination of commercially-minded and highly-qualified scientific experts, we pride ourselves on knowing that we deliver honest and informed scientific and commercial advice to every customer.

We hire only the brightest postgraduate or postdoctoral chemists with a high level of technical expertise, and ensure that they stay up to date with current literature. We always assign the best and most suited team for every project. This allows us to bring you the latest knowledge of process development, alongside the best project management at every stage, ensuring a seamless process from project initiation through delivery.