Dr Dan Smith

Director of Portfolio

Dan received a First-Class Masters, as well as a PhD from Durham University, which focused on organometallic and catalytic chemistries including redox-active non-innocent ligands. His subsequent post-doctoral study at Texas A&M on rhodium mediated catalysis investigated a range of applications from CH activation through to oxygen-oxygen bond formation. Upon his return to the UK, Dan furthered his research explorations to synthesise novel motifs for gold(III) in Norwich, and to determine the energetics of halogen and hydrogen bonding to metal hydrides and fluorides in York.

After joining CatSci Ltd in 2014, Dan has led projects focused on route optimisation for Phase I-II and has greatly enjoyed contributing to CatSci’s significant growth. As Head of Portfolio from 2018-2021, Dan oversaw our portfolio of customer projects, including their delivery on time, in full and to the desired quality (OTIFTDQ) and resource management, alongside supporting the technical qualification of new opportunities. Currently as Director of Portfolio, Dan leads CatSci’s focus on operational excellence across our scientific and account management teams to meet the exacting challenges of our customers.

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