Proudly serving global customers from late-stage lead optimisation through to launch, we are your reliable partner for innovative process research and development

As an independent, scientifically-unbiased and commercially-minded process research and development CRO, we are dedicated to understanding and optimising any of your chemical reactions and processes.

Why choose CatSci?

  • We understand the individual challenges of optimising your chemistry, and we aim to minimise risks and deliver in a faster, safer and more sustainable way
  • Our technical project leads and consultancy-led approach mean we understand you inside out and are always responsive to your needs
  • Our highly trained team of the brightest chemists not only work as a helping hand, but as a real extension of your internal capabilities
  • Our expertise in handling IP protection and technology transfer ensures a seamless process from the moment you engage with us
  • Our in-depth knowledge of the path of chemical development means we always develop customised processes to meet your evolving needs
  • We will consistently exceed your expectations and meet all necessary regulations to match your required quality targets
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The best quality delivered in a faster, safer and more economical way.

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The expertise and experience to understand any of our customers’ chemical reactions and processes.

Fully equipped to handle your processes

Minimising risks

Understanding any reaction

We can supply kilograms of any of our customers’ compounds (APIs, NCEs and intermediates) to non-GMP.

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Delivering to large pharma standards

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