Advancing Medicines Development

We are a scientifically-led, commercially-minded and award-winning innovation partner, dedicated to developing economically and environmentally sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. We create tailored solutions from candidate selection through product launch and beyond, ensuring delivery of your asset at every stage through our experienced line of sight of drug development.

Why Choose CatSci?

End-In-Mind Approach

Our in-depth understanding of drug development challenges enables us to minimise risks and expedite the progress of your projects in a safer, greener and more cost-effective way. We ensure open consultation and communication in everything we do, to understand you inside out, and proactively address all your concerns and challenges to meet your evolving portfolio needs.

Partner, Innovate, Deliver

Our highly qualified team of PhD and postdoc scientists has decades of collective experience working on hundreds of non-clinical development projects for companies of all sizes and from all around the world. This allows us to expertly manage the full complexity of your small molecule projects, working not only as a helping hand but as a true partner for innovation.

Agile Ways of Working

Our ways of working include adopting digital data management tools, which enable us to facilitate knowledge sharing and reduce barriers to efficient ways of working. We ensure total alignment with your internal processes and systems to alleviate any pressures of working with an external partner. Our team takes full responsibility for seamless technology transfer to your in-house manufacturing sites or third-party manufacturing organisations.

Health & Safety Commitment

We operate a system of Health, Safety and Environmental controls aligned to the rigorous standards set by large pharma to safely and securely deliver all your project demands.

Data Confidentiality and IP Protection

We guarantee complete data and information security to ensure integrity, confidentiality and total protection of your intellectual property rights.

Access To The Best Science

We leverage our partnerships across the wider pharmaceutical value chain and provide important access to the academic excellence that the United Kingdom is renowned for.

Our Capabilities

Early Development

We have developed hundreds of pre-clinical and Phase I projects successfully. Using a thoroughly consultative approach we take the time to understand your objectives and identify the challenges that you face. The key areas of early development that we focus on are route scouting and selection, early scale-up, crystallisation, solid state, preformulation, high potency API development and project risk management.

We also pride ourselves on utilising the latest advances in science and technology to optimise drug development and manufacturing processes from an early stage.

Early Development

Late Development

Our late development work ensures that you are successfully supported through process design and assessment, scale-up for commercial manufacture, tech transfer and post-approval improvements. We can also deliver beyond our in-house non-GMP material supply in a seamless manner by working closely with your preferred manufacturer. We possess a range of critical enabling technologies including catalysis, crystallisation, solid state, preformulation, high potency API development and analytical development.

Our experienced team has successfully delivered numerous Phase II-III and launch phase projects for Top 50 pharma companies and we continue to deliver to the standards of large pharma.

Late Development

Our Facilities at CatSci

We have six operational laboratories across two UK sites. Our laboratories feature state-of-the-art equipment, including a 10m glove box for catalysis research, dedicated high potency laboratories and 20L vessels for non-GMP material supply, along with all requisite analytical and solid-state instrumentation. This enables scale-up from milligrams to kilograms in-house, as well as ensuring the necessary technology transfer for GMP manufacturing to expedite project progression. Our range of facilities means we can devise, revise and optimise your chemistry with complete flexibility.

We constantly invest in and expand our bespoke facilities to broaden our range of laboratory assets. We have dedicated facilities for process understanding and optimisation, catalysis, high pressure reactions, crystallisation, process scale-up, preformulation, analytical development and non-GMP material supply. We also possess two SafeBridge®-certified laboratories for the development of potent compounds. Our new analytical science laboratory in Dagenham, UK is fully equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment, through a collaboration with Shimadzu Corporation, providing the highest-quality analytical data and critical interpretation to our customers. View our Digital Walkthrough to take a 360° virtual tour of our facilities.

Partnering from pre-clinical to product launch

  • Chemical Development Chemical Development

    Route scouting & selection

    Rapid route development & scale-up

    Thermal hazard identification & mitigation

    Green chemistry exploitation

    Kilo-scale non-GMP & GMP material supply

    Knowledge transfer for first GMP manufacture

    Process design, development & optimisation

    Process understanding & robustness for manufacturability

    Model-led exploration of design space for process definition

    Sustainability metrics

    Demonstration batches

    Kilo to tonne GMP material supply

    Technology transfer for late-stage & commercial manufacture

  • Analytical Excellence Analytical Excellence

    High-throughput reaction profiling

    Method development (In-silico, screening optimisation & qualification)

    Impurity identification & characterisation

    Batch analysis (non-GMP)

    Method Robustness studies (AMQBD)

    Measurement of trace genotoxic impurities, detailed reaction understanding & data visualisation

  • Crystallisation, Solid State & Preformulation Crystallisation, Solid State & Preformulation

    Early solid state characterisation

    Version (salt) screening & selection

    Polymorph screening

    Crystallisation design

    Developability assessment

    Pre-formulation including formulation definition for pre-clinical studies

    Particle & formulation risk assessment for FTIH

    Computational assessment using CCDC informatics tools

    Micronisation assessment

    Crystallisation development & optimisation

    QbD process understanding & robustness

    Control strategy for solid state & bulk properties

    Comprehensive physical properties measurement capability

    PAT using in-situ particle measurement & imaging

    Filtration & washing optimisation

  • Catalysis Experience Catalysis Experience

    Reaction screening & catalyst selection, incl. high pressure reactions & biocatalysis

    State-of-the-art expertise in homogeneous & heterogeneous catalysis, incl. asymmetric hydrogenation

    Medium-throughput & data-rich experimental workflows

    Research, development & optimisation of catalytic processes

    Statistical experimental design (DoE, PCA)

    Advanced data science & visualisation techniques

  • High Potency API Development High Potency API Development

    Route design

    Process invention & characterisation

    Crystallisation, isolation & drying

    Analytical method development & sample analysis

    Up to 10g-scale non-GMP material supply

    SafeBridge®-certified laboratory

    Parallel reactor workstation technology

    Process data collection

    Up to 10g-scale non-GMP material supply

    Analytical method development & sample analysis

    SafeBridge®-certified laboratory