Duncan Thompson

Head of Dagenham Site

Duncan obtained an MA in Chemistry from Oriel College, Oxford in 1993 where he synthesised derivatised amino acids and characterised them by mass spectrometry and chiral capillary electrophoresis. He then spent the next 7 years in analytical development for API at Wellcome/GlaxoWellcome, performing chromatography method development, method validation and batch release, alongside a secondment into Drug Stability Analysis. In 2000, post-formation of GSK, he joined the newly formed Strategic Technologies department, developing new technology and process analytical methods for API development and manufacture. By 2010, he led a team that had validated and filed novel PAT applications for several NCEs as process controls in batch and flow chemistry. He gained experience in secondary, through leading cross-discipline project teams in particle generation, control, and engineering. His PAT team expanded to cover both API and drug product for small molecule in the UK. With a keen interest in regulatory guidelines, Duncan became the GSK rep on EFPIA for NIR guidance as well as other regulatory advocacy activities with the FDA. He led the cross GSK PAT community bringing together R&D, manufacturing, small molecule, Biopharm and Consumer Health.

Duncan joined CatSci Ltd in 2020 as our Analytical Team Leader and focused on utilising quality analytical data using digitalisation and automation. Duncan was influential in expanding CatSci’s analytical skills and capabilities to successfully deliver our customers’ projects.

Duncan has since been promoted to Head of our Dagenham Site, where he is committed to growing the facility to be an Analytical Centre of excellence for CatSci and the UK. The introduction of GMP certification along with cutting-edge science and high-end capabilities, including expertise in ICHM7, ICHQ3D and ICHQ14 workflows, will allow us to continue to offer more and better to our customers and provide them a value-adding service first time, every time.

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