Late Phase Drug Development

We are passionate about advancing your assets from Phase II and Phase III, through to product launch and beyond.

We provide process design, assessment and optimisation, scale-up for clinical and commercial manufacture, tech transfer and post-approval improvements coupled with crystallisation, solid state, preformulation and analytical development Our High Potency API development tailored solutions can support you throughout your project’s lifecycle efficiently and safely. 

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Process Design & Development

Our highly qualified technical team have an in-depth understanding of the multi-faceted challenges surrounding drug development.

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Process Definition

CatSci are experts in handling knowledge and technology transfer and can work efficiently with you and your preferred manufacturing partners, to ensure you reach your project objectives.

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CatSci is at the vanguard of green chemistry and can be trusted to develop not only economically, but also environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes.

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Material Supply

Through our partnership with AGC Pharma Chemicals, a global small molecule CDMO, we can offer you scalable small molecule API manufacturing, from grams to tonnes to support your projects from pre-clinical development to large scale commercial production.

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Analytical Excellence

The Analytical Project Lead collaborates with our customers to understand your specific goals and ensure perfect-for-purpose analytical methodology.

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Crystallisation, Solid State and Preformulation

Through our integrated approach and excellent line of sight of your project’s objectives and challenges, we enable you to achieve successful clinical outcomes and enhance the probability of small molecule success.

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High Potency API Development

We understand the complexities of high potency active pharmaceuticals ingredients in drug development.

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Enabling Science

Throughout late development, we stay up-to-date on all requisite science and technological advancements to ensure that we can best address your increasingly critical project demands.

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