Dr Sam Oliver

Group Leader

Sam obtained his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool in 2008. He then joined Prof. P. Andrew Evans’ research group to work on the development of novel rhodium-catalysed allylic substitution reactions, earning his PhD in 2012. On moving into industry with Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI) in 2013, Sam spent two years in process R&D supporting large scale API manufacturing before embarking on a four-year stint working at the interface of discovery and process chemistry as part of a collaboration with Eli Lilly & Co. During this time, Sam was involved in a range of programmes comprising route scouting, custom synthesis and the development & optimisation of scalable routes to pre-clinical drug candidates. Nearly two years after assuming a team leadership role within AMRI, Sam joined CatSci Ltd in October 2019. In his current position as a Group Leader, Sam is committed to ensuring the timely delivery of perfect-for-purpose chemistry solutions to CatSci’s customers across the globe.

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