Dr Nigel Richardson

Director of New Modalities

Nigel completed his first degree in Chemistry and subsequent PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at Exeter University, UK. Interested by the analytical chemistry challenges within his research at Exeter, his first industrial appointment was with Dow AgroSciences as an Analytical Chemist. After nine years with Dow, he moved to GSK as an Analytical Team Leader within the Chemical Development Division based in Stevenage, UK. Whilst at GSK, Nigel led the analytical activities to commercialisation for Tykerb (breast cancer medicine) and led GSK’s oligonucleotide therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy into the final stages of development and regulatory submission. He has also worked as Chemistry Lead in a team focused on novel platforms for oligonucleotide delivery. More recently, he held the position of Senior Director within the CMC Analytical Division, leading a department of 55 scientists who focused on analytical modernization and new technology introduction. In 2019, Nigel established McLean Pharma Consultancy Ltd, which focuses on CMC, analytical and oligonucleotide consultancy.

As CatSci’s Director of New Modalities, Nigel supports Argonaute RNA as Head of Regulatory Affairs and was the Principle Investigator for the OligoFLAME consortium grant proposal for the Nucleic Acid Therapeutic Accelerator (NATA) Grand Challenge to develop an alternative manufacturing platform to conventional solid phase synthesis.

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