Partnering from pre-clinical to product launch

  • Crystallisation, Solid State & Preformulation Crystallisation, Solid State & Preformulation

    Early solid state characterisation

    Version (salt) screening & selection

    Polymorph screening

    Crystallisation design

    Particle & formulation risk assessment for FTIH

    Computational assessment using CCDC informatics tools

    Micronisation assessment

    Developability assessment

    Preformulation including formulation definition for pre-clinical studies

    Crystallisation development & optimisation

    QbD process understanding & robustness

    Control strategy for solid state & bulk properties

    Comprehensive physical properties measurement capability

    In-situ particle measurement & imaging

    Filtration & washing optimisation

Why Choose CatSci?

Crystallisation and Solid State Expertise

Dr Robert Dennehy, our Director of Material Sciences leads our material sciences team. Robert has 20+ years of Large Pharma experience in the field of crystallisation and solid state of pharmaceuticals.

His industry experience and integrated approach to particle science and preformulation development allow him to solve customers’ problems effectively with a high degree of scientific rigour.​

End-in-mind Approach

Through our end-in-mind approach we link particle science to formulation and process understanding, maximising the chance of your small molecule success

Our integrated chemical development, material science, preformulation and analytical development teams offer a holistic approach to medicines development, breaking down the barriers between drug substance and drug product.


SmartPath is our innovative digital tool that risk assesses your API, project, and formulation data and offers actionable mitigation strategies from our crystallisation and solid state expert, Dr Robert Dennehy.

When it comes to  your API project you need to know what the risks are, the threat they pose, and how to alleviate them. SmartPath eliminates the guesswork and presents you with answers.

Our Capabilities

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