Dr Robert Dennehy

Director of Material Sciences

Robert obtained a BSc Hons in Chemistry from Queen Mary College, University of London, in 1988. He was then awarded a PhD from Southampton University in 1992 after researching the Synthesis and Reactivity of Titanium Metallacycles with R.J. Whitby and P.J. Kocienski.  After his PhD, Robert became a Process and Synthetic Chemist at SmithKline Beecham. He then joined GSK, where he later held the position of Senior Director of Particle Sciences, making him responsible for the control of API physical properties for the whole small molecule portfolio from pre-clinical development through to File and Launch. Robert’s technical achievements include developing a solvate version for a now-commercialised Oncology asset, solving physical form and bulk property issues for key inhaled drugs, and applying Particle Engineering techniques as an alternate methodology for making particles of inhalable size. Furthermore, he has led late-phase project teams, incorporating a wide range of other technical disciplines, as well as the Particle Sciences team at GSK. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Robert has worked in the field of Crystallisation and Solid State since 2000. His industry experience and deep understanding of the area are crucial in his role as CatSci’s Director of Material Sciences, where he solves customer’s problems simply and effectively with a high degree of scientific rigour.

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