Rob Crook

Director of Chemical Sciences

Rob gained his degree in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield in 1993. Following this, he joined Pfizer working in the Chemical Research and Development department, where he mainly focused on the early stages of development, before he moved onto project leadership roles. He then led several of Pfizer’s Chemical Development technology areas, including establishing the high throughput chemistry group at Sandwich, before his role expanded to also encompass hydrogenation, biocatalysis, computational chemistry, and preparative separation science. For a two-year period, he led the engineering and continuous processing group, where the team scaled the first multi-step continuous sequence into the PP in 2008. From 2009 to 2021, Rob co-led the Sandwich Chemical Development group. During this time, Rob played a key role in the approval and commercialisation of several important medicines, and has significant experience in leading cross-functional teams, driving scientific excellence.

Rob has worked in the field of Chemical Sciences since 1993. The breadth of technical expertise he brings across the whole chemical sciences function, alongside the wider drug development process, coupled with his industry expertise and his vision for the future are crucial in his role as CatSci’s Director of Chemical Sciences, ensuring all our customers are supported in delivering their project goals.

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