Pharmaceutical innovation partner providing process chemistry solutions to support the delivery of best-in-class small molecules, TACS, glues, oligonucleotides and other complex synthetic medicines.

Who are CatSci

We are an award-winning, fast-growing and agile innovation partner with a proven track record in developing economically and environmentally sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing processes for global companies of all sizes.

Every day, we leverage our fully integrated process chemistry, GMP-analytical science, pre-formulation, material science, HPAPIs, oligonucleotides and new modalities teams along with our state-of-the-art facilities and refined workflows to deliver perfect-for-purpose solutions that balance timelines and internal resources with maximum flexibility.

Our end-in-mind approach enables our customers to meet their ever-evolving portfolio needs.

What CatSci do

As a commercially-minded and scientifically led innovation partner for medicines development, we have been trusted for over a decade to deliver perfect-for-purpose CMC development programmes from small molecules, TACS and glues to oligonucleotides and other complex medicines for customers from across the globe.

We are committed to acting as a real extension of your team and being truly aligned to your internal systems and processes.

Using our end-in-mind approach, passion for science and commitment to innovative thinking, we help you deliver your pharmaceutical pipeline without surprises or delays.

Learn more about CatSci

CatSci’s purpose is to get new medicines into the hands of patients in needs. Find out more about our story and passion to accelerating medicines development here. 

Partnering from pre-clinical to product launch

  • Chemical Development Chemical Development

    Route scouting & selection

    Rapid route development & scale-up

    Thermal hazard identification & mitigation

    Green chemistry exploitation

    Kilo-scale non-GMP & GMP material supply

    Knowledge transfer for first GMP manufacture

    Process design, development & optimisation

    Process understanding & robustness for manufacturability

    Model-led exploration of design space for process definition

    Sustainability metrics

    Demonstration batches

    Kilo to tonne GMP material supply

    Technology transfer for late-stage & commercial manufacture

  • Analytical Excellence Analytical Excellence

    High-throughput reaction profiling and analysis

    Method development (In-silico, screening optimisation & qualification)

    Impurity identification & characterisation

    Forced degradation studies






    Large scale purification

    Drug substance & product batch analysis (GMP)

    Method validation & robustness (following ICHQ14)

    Measurement of trace genotoxic impurities & trace element analysis, detailed reaction understanding & data visualisation

    Stability studies

    Impurity isolation

    Oligonucleotide sequencing, characterisation & analysis

  • Crystallisation, Solid State & Preformulation Crystallisation, Solid State & Preformulation

    Early solid state characterisation

    Version (salt) screening & selection

    Polymorph screening

    Crystallisation design

    Developability assessment

    Pre-formulation including formulation definition for pre-clinical studies

    Particle & formulation risk assessment for FTIH

    Computational assessment using CCDC informatics tools

    Micronisation assessment

    Crystallisation development & optimisation

    QbD process understanding & robustness

    Control strategy for solid state & bulk properties

    Comprehensive physical properties measurement capability

    PAT using in-situ particle measurement & imaging

    Filtration & washing optimisation

  • Catalysis Experience Catalysis Experience

    Reaction screening & catalyst selection, incl. high pressure reactions & biocatalysis

    State-of-the-art expertise in homogeneous & heterogeneous catalysis, incl. asymmetric hydrogenation

    Medium-throughput & data-rich experimental workflows

    Research, development & optimisation of catalytic processes

    Statistical experimental design (DoE, PCA)

    Advanced data science & visualisation techniques

  • High Potency API Development High Potency API Development

    Route design

    Process invention & characterisation

    Crystallisation, isolation & drying

    Analytical method development & sample analysis

    Up to 10g-scale non-GMP material supply

    SafeBridge®-certified laboratory

    Parallel reactor workstation technology

    Process data collection

    Up to 10g-scale non-GMP material supply

    Analytical method development & sample analysis

    SafeBridge®-certified laboratory