• A proud winner of Excellence in Pharma: Contract Services and Outsourcing 2018

  • Providing chemistry expertise to bring your therapeutics to life

  • An independent, scientifically-unbiased and commercially-minded CRO

  • We develop perfect-for-purpose chemistry solutions from lead optimisation through product launch

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Who we are

We are a fast growing and adaptable process research and development CRO with a proven track record. Utilising decades of experience working on hundreds of drug discovery and development projects, for companies around the world, we optimise reactions and processes based on scientifically-unbiased approaches.

Meet CatSci
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What we do

As an independent and commercially-minded CRO, we are a reliable and trusted partner for innovation. We are dedicated to understanding and optimising any of your chemical reactions and processes to enable your candidate selection, chemical development and life-cycle management.

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