Dr Sam Whitmarsh

Director of Digital Transformation

Sam obtained an MChem from the University of Southampton in 2003 with an industrial placement at Merck GmbH. He was awarded his PhD from the University of Bristol following his work with Prof Anthony Davis on the synthesis of novel steroid macrocycles and measurement of their complexes by high resolution mass spectrometry. In 2007, Sam joined Process R&D in AstraZeneca as an Analytical Scientist, leading analytical components of drug development across pre-clinical to Phase III drug candidate projects. In this role he also worked on analytical method QBD, trace genotoxic impurities and novel approaches to high throughput chromatographic analysis. In 2010, Sam moved to BP and carried out a range of technical and people leadership roles over the next 10 years. He led the formation of the high-resolution mass spectrometry petroleomics facility in the UK, managed a team of 35 staff and left BP as Global Analytical Expert, leading the BP Analytical Science Network. Sam is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) sitting on the RSC Separation Science interest group, Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group and the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Data, Digital and AI committee

Sam joined CatSci Ltd in 2020 as Head of Process R&D, before he became Director of Digital Transformation in 2022. Enabling great people to do great science needs solid foundations, and in 2022, that means Digital. Sam has a passion for building culture, solutions and tools that revolutionise how we do science and business at CatSci.

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