Dr Marc Hutchby

Head of Project Delivery

Marc obtained his BSc at Loughborough University, during which he also completed his Diploma of Industrial Studies with one year at GSK. After graduating from Loughborough he moved to Bristol, where he earned his PhD working with Kevin Booker-Milburn and Guy Lloyd-Jones, specialising in palladium II catalysis and mechanistic understanding of new organic reactions. The project was sponsored by AstraZeneca and involved a three-month placement in their Process R&D department. After a brief stint in publishing with the RSC, Marc joined the Centre of Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath as a post-doc, with Professors Steve Bull and Matthew Davidson. He was responsible for leading the chemistry component of a large multidisciplinary project focused upon the development of terpenes as renewable chemical building blocks. As part of this project, Marc gained a strong foundation in the development of sustainable and green chemical processes, aligning and working closely with chemical engineering and biochemistry. In 2015 Marc became the manager for the CSCT (Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies, University of Bath), where he was responsible for the day-to-day running of the Centre, as well as helping to deliver its long-term vision.

In 2018, Marc joined CatSci Ltd as Principal Scientist, and is now the lead on all project management activities. He is accountable for the delivery of customer projects from technical qualification through to project completion. Leading the team of Technical Project Managers, Marc ensures that all project and business needs are delivered in accordance with the CatSci Way.

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