Oligonucleotide R&D and Manufacturing

Our 40+ years of collective experience in oligonucleotide R&D and manufacturing combined with our state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated analytical support, enable us to develop tailored solutions with speed and scientific integrity.

Our CMC experience, detailed understanding of regulatory requirements and deep QbD expertise accelerate the development and manufacture of customers’ RNA therapeutics. We harness our PR&D excellence along with our end-in-mind approach to deliver your project on time, within budget and to the requisite quality.

We are constantly innovating to produce scalable and sustainable oligonucleotide manufacturing that meet your evolving project needs.

Together, we can treat previously untreatable illnesses.

Explore our Oligonucleotides Capabilities

Material Supply

We offer you scalable oligonucleotide manufacturing to support your projects from candidate screening and in vivo small animal studies to toxicology studies. We synthesise all classes of therapeutic oligonucleotides including siRNA, ASO, Gapmers and sgRNA, as well as GalNAc ligands and other conjugates.

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State-of-the-art Equipment

Our dedicated oligonucleotide laboratory is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment to allow us to synthesise, purify, analyse and fully optimise the synthetic and downstream processes of your oligonucleotides efficiently and effectively.

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Process R&D

Through our team's integrated thinking and excellent line of sight around your project’s objectives and challenges, we deliver perfect-for-purpose solutions that balance timelines, budgets and resources with flexibility to meet your portfolio needs.

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Analytical Development

Our oligonucleotide capability includes a dedicated analytical support that delivers the highest quality experimental data and critical interpretation with regards to the safety, efficacy, purity, stability, and activity of your RNA therapeutics.

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CMC Expertise

We leverage our deep CMC expertise and detailed understanding of regulatory requirements from Phase I through to Phase III and File/Launch to assuredly risk manage the full complexity of your oligonucleotide programmes.

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