CatSci Launch New and Improved SmartPath, a Digital Risk Assessment Tool To Maximise Small Molecule Success

Jun 21st 2023
CatSci Launch New and Improved SmartPath, a Digital Risk Assessment Tool To Maximise Small Molecule Success

CatSci Ltd, an award-winning innovation partner for medicines development, are proud to announce the launch of our new and improved SmartPath. SmartPath is an innovative digital risk assessment tool that highlights the risks de-railing users’ API success and offers tailored Smart mitigation strategies on the project, formulation and API properties. Aiding API success, SmartPath identifies risks that can cause obstacles in later development and provides solutions before they become problems; surprises can be anticipated, time can be saved, and the chance of our customers’ small molecule success can be maximised.  

With premium SmartPath, users can leverage exclusive 1-to-1 consultancy with Dr Robert Dennehy, CatSci’s Director of Material Science. Dr Dennehy will harness his over 20 years’ experience and expertise in crystallisation and solid state in Large Pharma to signpost the API risks and devise a lifecycle plan tailored to their project needs.   

Before joining CatSci in 2021, Dr Robert Dennehy held the position of Senior Director of Particle Sciences at GSK, where he was responsible for the control of API physical properties for the whole small molecule portfolio from pre-clinical development through to File and Launch. 

A recent success story of SmartPath came when a customer utilised SmartPath for an early phase Oncology asset with an accelerated clinical program. With SmartPath and Dr Dennehy’s expert consultancy, the risks were identified, and the customer received a tailored mitigation plan, allowing them to save time and resources. This enabled them to meet their project objectives and timeline demands.   

Access the full case study here.  

Dr Robert Dennehy said: “I’m thrilled to share the re-launch of SmartPath. We have made it more user friendly and smarter than ever. SmartPath cleverly collates data around the API and formulation and makes it directional. Not only does it facilitate rich conversations and discussion between experts, but it harnesses available data to signposts risks before they can interfere in later development. By evaluating the data and understanding the risks, faster and smarter decisions can be made. SmartPath eliminates the guesswork and presents you with answers to accelerate your API to the next phase.”  

Plus, there is also a free option, which provides users with a rapid assessment of their API. In as little as 10 Yes/No questions, users receive a free downloadable report of the likely risks that are standing in their way, along with Smart mitigation strategies. Users can repeat the assessment as many times as they like on however many projects they need, whilst knowing that CatSci has no access to their responses and project data.  

Download a sample report here to see the free SmartPath assessment.   

SmartPath’s purpose is to enable pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their path to clinic by innovatively assessing their data sets to provide solutions.

Take the SmartPath now to achieve API success.