De-risking your pharmaceutical pipeline is our mission

Our Director of Material Sciences, Dr Robert Dennehy will work with you to identify and mitigate the risks in your API process. Together, you and Robert will devise a perfect-for-purpose process development roadmap, allowing you to rapidly take the right steps to accomplish your project objectives. First Time, Every Time.

Access our Case Study to find out how one of our customers leveraged our SmartPath Risk assessment and Dr Dennehy’s expertise to advance their oncology asset with minimal impact to the development plan.

Why Take The SmartPath?

Expert one-to-one consultancy

De-risk your pharmaceutical pipeline by working alongside our Director of Material Sciences, Dr Robert Dennehy. Dr Dennehy will leverage your already available API, project and formulation data sets to assess the risks of your API process and offer smart mitigation strategies.

Faster and smarter decisions

Better understand your project risks and set the right priorities based on your portfolio needs. Rapidly reach the best decision for your process – First Time, Every Time.

Perfect-for-purpose process development roadmap

Advance your asset to the next step, without surprises or delays. Receive a tailored life-cycle plan of your API to meet your budget, timelines and study needs.

SmartPath Case Study

See how a customer took the SmartPath to meet their accelerated clinical programme’s deadlines

What’s Included:

  • Exclusive one-to-one consultancy with our Director of Material Sciences, Dr Robert Dennehy
  • Comprehensive assessment of API, project and formulation data
  • Rapid identification of risks and knowledge gaps
  • Tailored process development roadmap
  • Complete data and information security

Meet Robert