CatSci Ltd and AGC Pharma Chemicals Europe Announce Strategic Partnership

Mar 20th 2023
CatSci Ltd and AGC Pharma Chemicals Europe Announce Strategic Partnership

CatSci Ltd, an award-winning innovation partner for medicines development, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with AGC Pharma Chemicals, a global small molecule Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO). This will enable CatSci’s customers to harness AGC’s expertise in GMP manufacturing from kilos to tonnes to support clinical phase projects. Likewise, AGC customers can leverage CatSci’s state-of-the-art chemical development, analytical development, crystallisation and solid form, pre-formulation and high potency API capabilities alongside CMC expertise for the development of their new therapeutics. Streamlined tech transfer workflows will ensure a seamless process knowledge and information transfer from development to manufacturing.  

AGC Pharma Chemicals have more than 40 years of small molecule CDMO and 60 years of API manufacturing experience. They offer customers solutions tailored to their development and manufacturing needs, from early clinical phase through to the commercial stage. They provide pharmaceutical companies with reliable, high-quality chemical compounds by developing cost-efficient manufacturing processes in full compliance with environmental, health and safety, and cGMP international standards. AGC’s mission is to improve people’s life by delivering best quality products.  

CatSci is a trusted partner for end-to-end non-clinical development of new therapeutics. Based in Cardiff, they proudly serve customers across the globe developing economically and environmentally sustainable processes that support pharmaceutical innovators at all stages of the drug development timeline. By providing perfect-for-purpose solutions, CatSci helps their global customers to navigate complex scientific challenges and address critical healthcare needs, including antimicrobial resistance, cancer, and mental health.  

With an alignment in values, CatSci and AGC Pharma Chemicals have created an alliance of trust to add strategic value to their customers’ drug development journey. They will work together to provide scalable small molecule API manufacturing, from grams to tonnes, meeting the requisite quality, timelines and budget to support projects from pre-clinical development to large scale commercial production. Through this partnership, customers will get access to a wide range of manufacturing technologies including fluorination, bromination, hydrogenation, cryogenic, HPAPI, micronisation and continuous flow to support their complex manufacturing programmes. 

A rigorous technology transfer process will ensure a seamless transition from development to manufacturing as CatSci and AGC will work together in synergy with a single end-in-mind. Their in-depth understanding of this critical knowledge transfer and its challenges will maximise the performance of customers’ chemical processes whilst adhering to the highest environmental, health and safety, and cGMP standards. 

This exciting news is the latest step in CatSci’s continuous evolution. Offering customers an integrated service will ease their journey through the product development lifecycle. Even more importantly, taking their projects from laboratory development through scale-up to commercial production will expedite the delivery of life-changing new medicines to patients worldwide. 

Dr Jerome Théobald, CatSci’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “I am thrilled that CatSci is partnering with AGC Pharma Chemicals; they are a leading small molecule CDMO with 40 years’ experience and CatSci are excited about what our partnership means for our customers. I am confident that AGC’s excellent cGMP manufacturing capabilities will add strategic value to our customers’ pipeline, accelerating their path to clinic. At CatSci, we are driven by our purpose to get new medicines into the hands of patients in need, and it was clear from the start that AGC Pharma Chemicals are aligned with us on this goal. Our partnership is built on our commitment to solve our customers’ challenges, allowing them to advance seamlessly through their pharmaceutical development from drug substance to drug product.” 

Hiro Kadokura, AGC Pharma Chemicals Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “It is great to have CatSci as a partner of AGC Pharma Chemicals, as we can provide seamless service to our customers from pre-clinical to the launch. Together with the strong cGMP CDMO capability of AGC Pharma Chemicals, and the excellent CRO capability of CatSci, we can cover especially early phase projects leveraging the effective expertise of each company. I am excited about this partnership that will bring great value to our customers.”