CatSci Launch SmartPath – A New Digital Tool To Risk Assess Your API Processes

Jun 8th 2022
CatSci Launch SmartPath – A New Digital Tool To Risk Assess Your API Processes

CatSci Ltd are incredibly proud to announce the launch of SmartPath – an innovative digital tool created by CatSci that will risk assess our customers’ API, project, and formulation data and offer them smart mitigation strategies. With the premium SmartPath feature, you will work alongside our Director of Material Sciences, Dr Robert Dennehy, to devise a tailored life-cycle plan of your API to meet your budget and project needs. So, you can focus on what matters most – delivering your asset to the next step, without surprises or delays. In pharmaceutical medicines development, solid-state properties of pharmaceutical materials play a key role in their success; the solid form is critical in formulation performance, manufacturing process control, and purification. Furthermore, solid form selection is a key decision to optimise trade-offs, facilitate control, and improve the probability of success and the security of supply.

De-risking your pharmaceutical pipeline is our mission, and SmartPath is here to make that a reality.

Dr Robert Dennehy said: “At CatSci, we are very excited about SmartPath. In late development, it’s very common to firefight problems created through poor decisions around the API and formulation. The paradox is that we very often know the characteristics of projects that might turn into ‘problem children.’ SmartPath is a way of collating this information so it becomes directional and can be used rather than just ignored. SmartPath helps identify risks and their mitigations that are appropriate for the development phase of the drug.”

To celebrate the launch of SmartPath, we hosted a free virtual symposium, entitled “A Medicine Is More Than A Molecule”. It explored the crucial role of material science in product design, as well as how SmartPath can help you rapidly take the right steps to accomplish your project objectives.

Watch the event here.