CatSci Announces Partnership with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

Nov 9th 2021
CatSci Announces Partnership with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

9th November 2021

CatSci Ltd, a scientifically-led, commercially-minded and award-winning innovation partner for medicines development, is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC), the world-leading experts in structural chemistry data. CatSci’s experimental expertise in material science combined with CCDC’s informatics tools will offer a fully integrated solution to our customers, adding strategic value to their journey from molecule to medicine.

CCDC’s informatics-based services apply big data learnings from over 1 million published crystal structures to better understand solid forms, which will help to guide CatSci’s experimental screening. This reflects CatSci’s continuous evolution in delivering perfect-for-purpose solutions to our customers while de-risking their pharmaceutical pipeline.

Dr Robert Dennehy, Director of Crystallisation and Solid State and Scientific Advisory Board Member at CatSci, said of this collaboration: “Identifying the most stable polymorph and understanding the risks around hydration are essential for success when developing new medicines. The power of CCDC’s informatics tools will be used to validate the results of the focused experimental screens conducted here at CatSci. We believe that this coupling of experimental and in-silico approaches will significantly reduce the risk of a more stable polymorph or hydrate appearing in later development, and ultimately enhance the probability of small molecule success.”

Jonathan Betts, Director of Business Development at the CCDC, said that “Combining informatics insights from real world data with experimental results is a powerful way to get the fullest picture of a system of interest. Increasingly, the two approaches are used in complement to advance pharmaceutical development. By coupling CatSci’s experimental services with CCDC’s informatics services, researchers can access a more complete picture that ultimately advances more products to launch.”

CatSci is delighted by its partnership with the CCDC as it comes at the time of our 10 year anniversary, which celebrates our decade of being a trusted and dependable partner for innovation to the global pharmaceutical industry. By building upon what the company has achieved over the years, we are continually growing and enhancing our capabilities to always provide ‘more and better’ for our customers in the future.

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