Join us on our Enhanced Virtual Tour

Aug 13th 2020
Join us on our Enhanced Virtual Tour

CatSci is delighted to present our new digital lab walkthrough. We have enhanced our virtual lab tour to provide you with the full CatSci experience, from wherever you are in the world.

In this digital tour you can virtually walk through our facilities, meeting our team of experts along the way. The tour includes an audio narration, photos of our facilities, detailed information on our offerings, and video interviews with our team who answer the questions you need to know before you’ve even asked them.

Click on the link and meet our CEO, Dr Ross Burn, to learn about CatSci’s unique way of working, something we call ‘The CatSci Way’. Or listen to Dr Sam Whitmarsh, Head of Process Research and Development, talk about our 5 state-of-the-art laboratories, advanced analytical equipment and expert team of scientists. You can also receive further insight into CatSci’s process R&D, OEB-4, catalysis and crystallisation capabilities, analytical expertise, and high safety standards.

And if you want to wander through our facilities, you can explore our series of 360o videos of our world-class facilities in Cardiff, UK. These include our process research and development, analytical and OEB-4 laboratories.

We recognise the importance of site visits as a key facet in building strong relationships with our customers. So, we wanted to provide our customers with a virtual experience that rivalled an in-person tour. We are delighted that this enhanced digital tour will provide our customers with the full CatSci experience. Moreover, we hope that this highlights how CatSci can expedite the delivery of your drug substance development projects.

Click on the link below to explore our facilities and meet our team today:

Digital Lab Walkthrough