CatSci Senior Scientist, Dr David Wong-Pascua, to present at JMP Discovery Summit

Mar 12th 2021
CatSci Senior Scientist, Dr David Wong-Pascua, to present at JMP Discovery Summit

CatSci is delighted to announce that our Senior Scientist, Dr David Wong-Pascua, will be co-presenting a talk at the online JMP Discovery Summit Europe on the 12th March 2021.

The exciting, free event, taking place from 8-12th March 2021, aims to bring together the brightest minds from top companies and prestigious universities. With attendees from scientific and statistical backgrounds, this interdisciplinary conference is the place to share best practices for tackling the exploration, analysis and sharing of data. 

David will be presenting a talk entitled “Big DOE: Sequential and Steady Wins the Race?” alongside JMP Global Learning Manager, Phil Kay; JMP Principal Research Statistician Developer, Ryan Lekivetz and JMP Systems Engineer, Ben Francis. The presentation will explore the impact of machine learning and design of experiments (DOE) to solve industrial research and development challenges that involve screening large numbers of categorical variables, such as in the selection of catalytic systems.

Currently, CatSci and the rest of the chemicals sector are moving towards the digital transformation of the industry: Chemistry 4.0. With this, technology and big data solutions are being leveraged to support the pharmaceutical industry in implementing algorithms that will aid the exploitation of data and optimise the work that CatSci, and other pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, do to efficiently and effectively deliver innovative solutions for customers.

To find out more about the online event and how to register click here.