CatSci Launch New Tagline: Excellence In Medicines Development

Feb 28th 2023
CatSci Launch New Tagline: Excellence In Medicines Development

CatSci Ltd are proud to announce our new tagline: Excellence in Medicines Development. This change is a testament to the scope of our capabilities and our dedication to providing the highest-quality science, innovative solutions, and, quite simply, excellence in medicines development to our customers.  

We made the decision to update our tagline to reflect CatSci’s continuous evolution. To meet our customers’ ever-evolving needs and the demands of the global healthcare world, CatSci are continuously increasing their capabilities, driven by our values: Integrity, Commitment, and Expertise. As such, we decided that our previous tagline, Beyond Process Chemistry, was no longer a sufficient indicator of all that CatSci offers to our customers. Whilst our process chemistry capabilities remain one of our key offerings, our evolution has advanced to serve more needs of the global pharmaceutical world. This aligns with our mission to break down the silos in drug development to accelerate the delivery of life-changing medicines to patients in need.  

Our chemical development, analytical science, crystallisation, solid form and pre-formulation offerings are evolving with strength, while we have recently opened our dedicated SafeBridge® certified High Potency API development suite. We have invested in our oligonucleotide therapeutics services, which we are incredibly excited to be bringing to market in the coming months. We leverage the latest digital tools and our state-of-the-art facilities to produce value-adding solutions to our customers’ challenges.  Our customer-led focus, superlative portfolio management, and in-depth tech transfer expertise enables a seamless process for our customers as we accelerate their pharmaceutical pipeline.  

Excellence in Medicines Development: image of CatSci's key milestones from May 2011 to Feb 2023

Since CatSci’s beginnings in 2010, we have been committed to evolving our services. We take a fully global view and take the time to understand what our customers need. Spun out of AstraZeneca, CatSci first began trading as an expert provider of catalysis research and development services. Since then, we have been relentless in our growth and evolution, enhancing our capabilities, laboratories and workforce. We have had the same purpose since our origin, and that purpose is the driving force behind our unabated progression: to get life-changing medicines into the hands of patients in need. 

Dr Ross Burn, our CEO and Co-Founder, said:

“At CatSci, we start with the end-in-mind. We are committed to being a critical partner in the innovation of new efficacious medicines for patients in need. We want to evolve as a business to break down the silos in medicines development. In doing so, we can ensure that new medicines can be developed in an agile and holistic manner. We strive for technical and scientific excellence to enable the optimal results, and we are passionate about pursuing and exemplifying excellence in medicines development.” 

Leanne Jones, our Head of People and Culture, said:

“‘Excellence in medicines development’ is synonymous with our values – expertise, integrity, and commitment, and embodies what we do in the simplest form. It really is not just about the complexity of the science that we do – that is for us to worry about, our tagline is about providing a straightforward and uncomplicated definition that echoes our purpose, to get new medicines into the hands of patients. The beauty of this simplicity is the inclusivity it provides – you do not need a scientific background to understand what we do, and this is crucial for our ability to attract the absolute best people into different areas of the business as we continue to grow.  

Our rigorous recruitment processes ensure we recruit the best scientists, ensuring our customers receive excellence in every part of their journey with us – from understanding requirements to delivering results.”