CatSci Hires Our 100th Employee

Sep 21st 2022
CatSci Hires Our 100th Employee

CatSci Ltd is thrilled to share that we have achieved a huge milestone: we have hired our 100th employee!

CatSci started in 2010 with just five employees, so to surpass the 100 mark is a huge achievement for us that we are immensely proud of.

The past 15 months have seen a huge growth for CatSci, and this accomplishment is the latest step in our continuous evolution. Following our significant investment from Keensight Capital, we are expanding our workforce, laboratories and offerings to offer more and better to our worldwide customers.

Our Milestones

Not only are we recruiting at a high volume, we are also ensuring that the hires we are making are of excellent standard, both in terms of technical skill and personal values. We revamped our recruitment process; this strategy focused on emphasising a candidate’s personal qualities were just as important as their technical capabilities, and these were put on the same level when it came to scoring. The qualities that we look for are integrity, commitment, and expertise, as these are CatSci’s core values.

Our CCO, Dr Simon Tyler, said: “Reaching our 100th employee represents another stepping stone on the journey towards realising our vision of to be the leading partner for innovation in the development and manufacture of new medicines. We will continue to strive to deliver on our singular purpose of getting new medicines into the hands of patients in need.”

We also refreshed our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategy to make it even more inclusive, and we’re proud that we’re attracting an influx of applications of high-quality people from different backgrounds, genders and ages. We are convinced that embedding our values into our internal strategies has been paramount to our continued success and growth, creating a rich and diverse team with a plethora of experience who feel supported and included in their work.

Our Talent & Inclusion Manager, Seb York, said: “When I started at CatSci, the workforce stood at 50 people, and I was brought on board to increase this to over 100. It is a fantastic achievement for me that today we have achieved this! I am committed to driving and constantly improving our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategy alongside our Talent Acquisition strategy. I am thrilled that by promoting a diverse and inclusive culture, we are attracting a richer and more diverse mix of people. Alongside growing the company, this is exactly what I aimed to do, as a diverse and inclusive workforce will only make us stronger and more innovative.”

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