CatSci goes beyond process chemistry by expanding its focus to lead optimisation

Feb 7th 2019
CatSci goes beyond process chemistry by expanding its focus to lead optimisation

7th February 2019

Cardiff, UK – CatSci, a fast growing, adaptable and award-winning contract research organisation (CRO), has highlighted its end-to-end services with an additional focus on lead optimisation. This expanded offering will allow CatSci to play a significant role in drug discovery and development, as the streamlined approach enables assets to move more efficiently through the pipeline.

Speed is essential in pharmaceutical discovery and development to get the drug to market, maximise the patent life and bring new therapies to patients. Working with CatSci from lead optimisation through product launch and life cycle management enables compounds to move along the pipeline faster. CatSci’s dedicated team of experts use their reaction understanding and synthetic chemistry knowledge to solve problems and anticipate issues that could arise further along the pipeline.

CatSci has traditionally focused on the later stages of drug discovery and development, but now it also offers services in lead optimisation. Lead optimisation is a key step in the drug discovery process, meaning CatSci can enable clients to nominate candidates faster using its established problem-solving synthetic and process chemistry expertise.

This expansion enables CatSci to broaden its customer base and create more jobs in Wales. The training and recruitment of talented chemists demonstrates CatSci’s commitment to continuously investing in and growing world-class chemical research and development capabilities. All of CatSci’s chemists are educated to PhD level and are experienced in delivering drug discovery and development projects for small, medium and large pharmaceutical companies. The breadth of skills and expertise available at CatSci allows it to stand out against competitors whilst also maintaining its reputation as a flexible and responsive CRO.

Dr Paul Bradley, Head of Business Development, CatSci, said: “This is an important step for CatSci as we continue our rapid expansion. Delivering quality lead optimisation projects for our customers will answer the demands of both the US and UK markets, increase our customer base and lead to long term growth for the company.”

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