CatSci Ltd Expand Into The Japanese Market

Mar 30th 2022
CatSci Ltd Expand Into The Japanese Market

CatSci Ltd is proud to announce that we have now expanded into the Japanese market. This is a key step in our global growth strategy. This monumental expansion comes at a pivotal time for CatSci; we are committed to continuous evolution in order to support pharmaceutical companies all over the globe in meeting their CMC demands.

With this expansion, we are pleased to launch our website for our Japanese customers. We are proud to be going from strength to strength in our strategic expansion plan, it means we are able to offer more and better to our customers so that they can deliver best-in-class therapeutics to those in need. The Japanese expansion is another crucial step in supporting our mission to becoming the preferred partner for medicines development.

In 2019, CatSci started focusing our efforts on expanding into the EU and US, as well as continuing to grow in the UK. We hired Dr Jas Douville as our Head of Business Development for North America, Dr João Madeira do Ó as our Head of Business Development for Europe, and Dr Jenny Wallis as our Head of Business Development for UK and the Rest of the World to further establish long-term relations with prospective and current customers in these markets. This expansion was a monumental step for us as it enabled us to expedite our exporting efforts and meet the CMC needs of customers across the globe. The move into Japan is now the next of many advancements, including the strategic development of our workforce, laboratories, equipment and offerings as part of our £3m investment plan.

Dr Ross Burn, CEO at CatSci, said: “We are looking forward to working with our Japanese customers so that they can continue to meet the healthcare needs of the world. This key expansion will support our innovative and ambitious export strategy as we continue our global journey.”