Digital Webinar Series: Computer Aided Retrosynthesis

Oct 27th 2022
Digital Webinar Series: Computer Aided Retrosynthesis

In October, CatSci launched our Digital Webinar Series, which began with a free event entitled “Computer Aided Retrosynthesis.”

This one-hour free webinar was chaired by our Director of Digital Transformation, Dr Sam Whitmarsh, who was joined by industry-renowned experts. They explored the latest advances in Computer Aided Retrosynthesis software, as well as insight into the latest tools and different approaches available.

The event speakers included:

• Julie Gai – Product Manager, deepmatter
• Quentin Perron – Co-Founder & CSO, Iktos
• Jun Li – Scientific Director, Bristol Myers Squibb
• Ilja Burdman – Customer Success Specialist, CAS

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