Chemistry Internship at CatSci

Nov 2nd 2021
Chemistry Internship at CatSci - image of chemistry intern Plamedi in labcoat and goggles

Here at CatSci, we are committed to accelerating medicines development; we pride ourselves on our passion for science to solve our customers’ multi-disciplinary project needs. It is for this reason that we put such an emphasis on the training and development of all our employees, helping to further our chemists’ journey to allow them to make a difference. As part of our dedication to the chemists of the future and medicines development, we offer chemistry internships to students and graduates, not only to give them experience and hands-on training, but also to learn from them with their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

One of our most recent interns is Plamedi, who is a Chemistry student at Cardiff University. We caught up with Plamedi to ask her all about her internship at CatSci and what she thought of her experience.

Firstly, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your career history so far.

My name is Plamedi and I am a third year chemistry student at Cardiff University. I was originally studying pharmacy, but after completing a placement in a pharmacy, I decided to change career path and pursue something that was more focused on the industrial side of pharmaceuticals, which is why I made the switch to chemistry. I wanted to do a chemistry internship at CatSci to get more of an insight into what it’s like working in the pharmaceutical industry.

What inspired you to pursue a career in chemistry?

I’ve always been interested in medicines development, where drugs come from as well as the science behind creating them; it’s for this reason I decided to pursue chemistry rather than pharmacy as I wanted to be involved with creating best-in-class therapeutics.

How have you found your chemistry internship at CatSci, and what have you enjoyed the most?

My internship at CatSci has been really good; I would say I’ve enjoyed everything! I love the fact I was able to get an insight into many different areas, I’ve had a feel for material science, analytical chemistry and process chemistry. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know everyone here, everyone is amazing and so friendly, which has been really nice.

What are some of the most valuable things you have learned here?

I would say that one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is that being a scientist requires a lot of patience and precision, due to the nature of the role. It’s also made me realise how important communication, teamwork and collaboration are within this industry; each project has many different stages and many different people working on it, so it’s essential to know where each person is with their progress. My own teamwork and communication skills have been improved during my placement here.

What qualities do you feel you are leaving with thanks to your time here?

I’ve definitely gained more confidence in myself. I came in quite shy of being hands-on with tasks, so the fact that I can now work on projects independently and get on with my own responsibilities has really boosted my confidence in my own scientific ability.

How would you describe the working environment at CatSci?

It’s busy, but enjoyable! Everyone is so passionate about chemistry; you can tell they enjoy what they do. Each person is incredibly focused and works hard with the end goal in mind. It’s a good team!

Is CatSci somewhere you’d like to return to in the future?

Yes – if I still live locally, I would definitely consider a career here at CatSci.

Would you recommend doing a chemistry internship to future graduates and students? If yes, why?

Yes definitely! It gives you an insight into the career you want to pursue and allows you to start building connections. My placement has helped me learn from people who have been in the same position and have progressed into a career in the pharma industry. Their knowledge and experience have been invaluable. If you want to improve your qualities and skills in a real-life industry setting, then I would say doing an internship is the best way to do that.

What advice would you give to young people looking to pursue a future career in chemistry, or even science in general?

I would say to engage as much as you can in your course as everything you learn is exactly what you’ll be doing when you start your career as a scientist or chemist. Try to look at everything as if it was a real-life situation; stay engaged, stay informed and have the mindset that it’s not just school or university, but it’s something that’s going to influence your future and the community.

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