CatSci to Attend IOPC 2024

May 24th 2024
CatSci to Attend IOPC 2024

CatSci Ltd, an award-winning innovation partner for medicines development, will be attending the 5th International Oligonucleotides and Peptides Conference (IOPC), taking place on 25th – 26th June 2024 in Milan, Italy. IOPC will bring together industry experts in the oligonucleotide therapeutics space, ranging from discovery, preclinical and clinical development, upstream and downstream manufacturing, and analytical technology and purification.

Attending IOPC will be:  

  • Ali Albeckai, Business Development Manager 

Ali is looking forward to networking with like-minded industry professionals, scientists, and researchers in the oligonucleotides space.

CatSci offers scalable manufacturing for all classes of therapeutic oligonucleotides, including siRNA, ASO, Gapmers, and sgRNA. We can synthesise oligonucleotides up to a 30g scale, including complex conjugates like GalNAc ligands, and also have extensive knowledge for supporting IND and NDA enabling packages. Whether it is complex sequencing and structural characterisation of novel 100mers, method development and validation for commercial manufacturing, or batch release and impurity analysis of starting materials, we have the expertise to deliver your project. 

To book a meeting with Ali at IOPC to learn more about how CatSci can support your next RNA therapeutics project, get in touch with us here.