6th Winter Process Chemistry Conference

Dec 9th 2019
6th Winter Process Chemistry Conference

9 Dec 2019 – 11 Dec 2019 Birmingham, UK

The 6th Winter Process Chemistry Conference organised by Scientific Update is a unique event featuring presentations from industry leaders within the chemical industry discussing the latest issues relating to process development.

CatSci’s Technical Director, Dr  Jonathan Moseley, has been invited to present at the conference. He will give a talk entitled “ A Heterogeneous Selection of Practical Catalysis for Scale-up”.

After a brief introduction to CatSci Ltd, and in keeping with the festive season, Jonathan’s presentation will feature a heterogeneous selection of bite-sized examples of catalysis, with a focus where possible on the known or expected implications for scale-up. A selection of catalytic and non-catalytic reactions will be presented from a range of industries including from the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical sectors. Bio-catalysis will be a key strand in several examples given, in line with a major theme of this conference.