Dr Guy Brenchley

Principal Scientist

Guy obtained a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Bath in 1992 and earned a PhD in 1995 after researching a novel class of phosphine ligand for asymmetric synthesis with Dr Martin Wills. He then went straight into industry, joining the rush to explore the burgeoning area of solid-phase high-throughput synthesis. After just over 3 years, he moved into the pharmaceutical industry, taking a position as one of the first waves of chemists establishing the Vertex UK site. During the next 14 years he accumulated 25 patents, whilst working on many different discovery programmes in the areas of oncology and immunology. Guy then moved into process chemistry with a stint at Almac and broadened his interest in the electronic encoding of chemical information at a start-up, before joining CatSci Ltd in mid-2017.

His current role includes leading projects, overseeing the drive to increase electronic data capture, and mentoring early career colleagues.

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