Dr Andy Wood

Head of Workplace and Infrastructure Projects

Andy completed a BSc in Chemistry at Cardiff University, and after being awarded the Lion Labs prize for best undergraduate research project, was offered the opportunity to study for a PhD in the group of Prof. Gerald Richter, examining the synthesis and behaviour of vitamin B analogues in biological processes. After completing his doctoral studies, Andy joined the group of Prof. Rudolf K. Allemann (Cardiff University) as a post-doc, working to develop chimeric light-activated proteins to examine optogenetic processes in vitro. Following this, Andy joined the group of Dr E. Joel Loveridge, where he studied new NMR analytical techniques for analysing protein-molecule interactions, and examining mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance. Andy then joined the group of Dr. Ian A. Fallis at Cardiff University, working to formulate, develop and commercialise a series of detector chemistries for toxic organic chemicals and chemical warfare agents, for use by first-line civilian or military responders.

Andy joined CatSci in 2019 as Facilities Manager, where he was able to use both his scientific knowledge and broad understanding of laboratory operations to support the development of the business. In his first year he supported the design and construction of 2 new laboratories, and continues to work with stakeholders across the business to improve business processes and operational efficiency. Andy has led several significant projects, including the selection and integration of an Electronic Resource Planning (ERP) system, which will unify and streamline numerous processes and give better access to real-time business performance data.

Now promoted to the Head of Workplace and Infrastructure Projects, Andy leads the group responsible for enabling and supporting daily operations. He works with all stakeholders within the business to plan, develop and enact improvements to the workplace, ensuring the physical spaces continue to meet the future growth aspirations of the business.

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