Chemical Development in Pharma 2: A CatSci Virtual Symposium

Chemical Development in Pharma 2: A CatSci Virtual Symposium

Last October, CatSci hosted its inaugural symposium, Chemical Development in Pharma: A CatSci Virtual Symposium. Here, we brought together industry experts and young scientists from across the globe to discuss the latest developments in process chemistry.

Following the fantastic success of the first instalment, we’re delighted to announce that we will be hosting a follow-up event on the 4th March 2021; Chemical Development in Pharma Part 2: A CatSci Virtual Symposium. This exciting free event will consist of  interesting industry speakers who will deliver succinct 25-minute presentations on high throughput experimentation in organic synthesis, separation technology and analytical science. At the end of each talk, there will also be time for the speakers to answer questions from attendees, and time allocated throughout the afternoon for networking sessions.

The event speakers include:

The complete agenda for the symposium can be downloaded here.

Access the symposium’s recordings